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One of my long lasting interests is photography, with pictures to illustrate that. A few of the several hundred slides I kept, out of the thousands I took, are shown as illustrations for stories written by my friend Dennis Kaska. I have a great interest in helping market a beautiful Nativity created by my old friend Franta Juracka. View the movie file.

I have been involved with photography since I was thirteen years old, when my father gave me an old twin lens Rolleiflex. I learned the dark room craft at school from amateur parents who shared it with kids out of love of photography, and later advanced it with my dear friend Jan Hynek, who taught me a lot about composition, patience and precision. He is now working professionally as a custom printer in Vancouver.

I traded my piano for a Practica and a couple of lens when I was nineteen, and bought  a couple Olympus OM-1 and OM-2 after I came to Canada. I have taken many of slides during my travels, and kept a few hundred of those.

I decided to post a number of my older black and white pictures I took in Europe. These images were taken with my old Praktica SLR camera on ORWO film. I printed many of them on large size paper when I still had my darkroom set up, and some of them hang in my and my friends' houses. The images on this site were printed by my friend Jan Hynek on a regular commercial colour C-41 process 3.5 by 5 inch paper, and scanned at 150 dpi. I had to reduce the images to 108 dpi to fit on a standard PC monitor. Both Dennis and Jan appear in some of these images.

The colour sliedes were taken with Olympus OM-2 SLR 35 mm camera on Kodachrome slides. They were digitized using Minolta QuickScan35 slide scanner and Adobe PhotoShop 3.0. They were colour balanced and compressed to small JPEG files to make them easy to download.