About Martin

Have you ever wondered how everything you did up until now has somehow been preparing you for the moment you are facing? If it were not for some strange twists of fate I would not have become the person I am today and you would not be reading this introduction. Most days are just ordinary, with events that are expected and predictable, but from time to time we have to face change. Sometimes we have to deal with things that appear too big to handle.  I think it is the simple courage that helps us pull through to the other side.

It has taken me many years to wake up to and accept "my job", helping people wake up and find their path to self empowerment and healing. My job is all about health, healing, and helping you awake to the realization that you are responsible and accountable for your own situation, especially your state of health.

I came to this world in 1952, Sun in Scorpio, Moon is Sagittarius and Capricorn rising. I add this in case you like to interpret the charts. Most of us make conclusions about another person much too soon and with too little information, anyway. At least now you can have the illusion of knowing something about my personality. It was quite educational having my astrological chart read and interpreted some years ago. It helped me to understand why I interact with the world one way and not another.

Why is it that my highest values are learning, variety, freedom and justice? I got interested in understanding personality styles, and studied Myers-Briggs and several less well known systems. It was quite interesting to go over the list of recommended occupations in the Myers-Briggs list: photographer, journalist, researcher, marketer - over the years I have done them all, and I think I am finally integrating it into my current situation. It must be the love of variety that I have not just changed jobs, but my entire career several times.

With that come ups and downs - starting over is not necessarily a "big money fast" proposition.

I grew up behind the Iron Curtain, in Czechoslovakia. My childhood in a small village, the setting was idylic, yet I still managed to pick up some emotional baggage to last me a lifetime. My high school was great, in a class of the best and brightest. No joke. I spent 4 years at the Institute of Economics in Prague in the 1970s studying Business Administration and Computer Science, and also playing music in a band, and pursuing photography.

I came to Canada as a refugee and worked in sawmills and warehouses for a few years. After a short career as a Clinical Hypnotherapist I moved to the computer industry and worked as a trainer and as a sales professional. In later years I worked as a manager, a management consultant and information technology consultant.

I am happily married to the mother of my two adult daughters. There is much to be said about that - we practiced attachment parenting, Maureen stayed home with the kids while I worked in the corporate world (suit and tie every day).

Eventually we had our fill of living in the big city, dealing with traffic, and kids entering high school - we pulled the plug and moved to a small town. Soon after that I started (with a friend and partner) Life Enthusiast Co-op, an on-line source of natural solutions for your health and wellness.