Starting out after my father's funeral

Sitting in front of a blank piece of digital space can be fairly daunting - sort of an instant writer's block generator. How far back should I go with my blog entries? Start with the great now, and simply move forward? Allow the current thoughts to bring up whatever, and let it roll from there? Or start my auto-biography online for the whole world to see?

Ever since I came back from my father's funeral (June 19, 2009) I have been spending a lot of my mental space on how short our time really is, and how precious each and every moment. I have also been noticing that time seems to run much faster for me than what I remember from my childhood. I thought that it could be just the function of my age, but my daughter tells me that she is noticing this effect as well.

Anyway, one of the things I did while going through my father's things was reading his biographical letters he wrote between 1989 and 2000. He wrote mostly about his childhood, his parents and other relatives, and his younger years. Interestingly, it was not very intimate or personal, just a description of what was done or said, but not much of what he thought or felt, either at the time, or as a reflection. And yet, that was the thing I was most hoping to find. Only a small bit about his first love interest and meeting my mother brought out a more personal tone.

I wonder if my children care? Are they interested in my thoughts and feelings about things or events? I don't remember them asking ...