Winter Greetings from our family

In 2005 the Christmas weather was too warm to go skating on the lake. We enjoyed getting together for just a few days, now that Susanne is living in Kamloops, and Libby is at the university in Victoria - a few days of family fun, and back to the much quieter lifestyle of the empty-nesters.

In the last days of 2002 the lake finally froze. It was later than usual due to the mild weather this winter. We managed to skate several times before the snow covered it too deeply. We really enjoyed the skating, not only is it a lot of fun, it is a five minute walk to the lake!

It was nice to see Susanne arrive home from college in Calgary. She has done very well academically, and is having all sorts of growing up experiences - getting along with room mates, dealing with groceries and other household maintenance issues, budgets, and teachers - all very important parts of becoming independent. She even manages to run a Bible study group one evening per week.

The deer showed up as usual. This picture of a family ruminating in the vegetable garden is taken from our deck. We managed to cover the strawberry plants just before the deer started pulling them up. Most everything got clipped right down to ground level. But the deer are a welcome sight here. After all, it is us encroaching on their territory, not the other way around.

Libby is doing very well at school. She plays the flute in the school orchestra and the stage band. Here she is participating in an outdoor concert of carols. This town is blessed by a wonderful music teacher who puts in a huge amount of time to spark the love of music in his students. We always enjoy the concerts. By the time the kids are in Grade 12, the band can play Benny Goodman tunes that would embarrass no stage band. Libby is also busy with dance classes and school leadership.

Every year we have a "light-up" at the beginning of December. The merchants get together and put on a bit of cheer. Libby's Leadership class took part in helping smaller kids with shopping and with making this event a success.

We had a great Christmas Eve dinner. We have mixed our roots and traditions and now have a turkey dinner in the evening of the 24th, leaving the Christmas day to leisure.

This year we took a short summer holiday with the Kaskas at a small lake in the Cariboo while the kids were at a camp on Shuswap lake. It was great. A total change of pace to very-very-slow. Otherwise we spend our outdoor time with gardening and walks. We also enjoyed the Wings Over the Rockies festival - lectures and outdoor trips.

Martin has been very busy in the last 4 moths with his Internet based business that promotes healing products. In fact we are feeling healthier than we have been in a long time. You can visit at and see what that's all about.

Well then - all the best for the new year.

Martin, Maureen, Susanne, Elisabeth